Prizes, Points, More Prizes (maybe) and a jolly good day out for all!

So I have just been in conversation with the Davidstow race organiser about prizes. He is offering £100 (of his own money) to the race winner IF we can get 30 ladies racing. So there you go, time to encourage anyone who isn’t quite sure to give it a go! You can race on a day licence if that is what is holding you back, and there will be other prizes too from our sponsors AND there’s BC points for the top 10, AND it is a result in the SWWRS. Seriously! What more could you want?!
Enter in advance on the BC website @
Or you can enter on the day if you are that way inclined! But either way come and join in the fun!

UPDATE: Online entry has now closed. We have 15 women entered at the moment so it should be a cracking race.

“Oh no!” I hear you cry “I’ve missed the boat! How could I possibly have been so foolish as to not enter this premier event. This event that will go down in history as The Day the SWWRS began; never mind Cancellara absolutely smashing it at the classics, or Marianne Vos finally winning Flanders, no this will be the event of 2013! And I have missed out on my chance to be a part of it”  *sad face*

But fear not, I say to you- don’t despair! The wonderful people at Newquay Velo have thought of everything, and you can enter on the day! Hurray *happy face* In fact if you and 14 friends who can ride a bike and are female enter then there will be £100 for the winner *even bigger happy face* So come on out of that there woodwork and enjoy a jolly day out with a lovely bunch of ladies, it is definitely  a case of the more the merrier- or at least the more the more interesting the race, which is what we really want!


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