Series Race 2; Ilton Crit

So with the Series Race 1 done and dusted, it’s now time to think about Race 2. And there isn’t long to think about it before it happens!

The second race in the series is a Crit at the Ilton’s RNAS Merryfield airfield, run by Somerset Road Club. If you haven’t raced at Ilton before it is a cracking little circuit.

The course wiggles 5 km round the airfield (Click here for Strava), with no technical corners and loads of road space. The only issue is not getting lost! You may laugh but I tell you, that first corner furthest west is a blooming nightmare- it is just an expanse of concrete before you and no obvious direction out of it!

For this reason Ilton is a great place for anyone who wants to try racing for the first time, and since it is on a closed circuit there is one less thing to think about on that front too.  It also offers experienced racers a bit of a challenge too, especially if there is any wind! There is always the brave few who go on the attack at Ilton, but more often than not they get brought back and it comes down to a sprint out of the last corner. However sometimes they stay away winning the race in style.

So there you have it, start planning your tactics now!

We’ll have more great prizes from the SWWRS sponsors, with more Bontranger R4, R3 & R2 tyres up for grabs from the Bike Shed, plus flowers for the race winner from Greens of Devon as well as Chef’s Garnish boxes.

Come out and race in the beautiful spring sunshine*,  racing starts at 11.01 AM, it’s enter on the day only. I am pretty sure day licences accepted, but I will check with the organisers.

See you there!

* the long range weather forecast told me so, it must be right!


4 thoughts on “Series Race 2; Ilton Crit

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