Half Price Bike Fits and Race 2 in the Sunshine!

Half Price Bike Fits!

I know I have said this before but I am not sure I said it very well so I might as well repeat myself. The good people at the Bike Shed are offering all the Series competitors a half price 3D bike fit at their Exeter or Barnstaple stores, or £60 off the full blow fancy jiggery pokery “data capture fit”. This is an amazing offer and one I will certainly be taking advantage of.

If you are interested in hearing more drop me a line, I have vouchers and some bike fit leaflets that explain it all. Here is a fancy video;

Race 2 is going to be Smashing! 

So I have spent a good portion of my morning scanning various weather forecasts to see what the lovely British climate has in store for us this Sunday, and pretty much all* say it WILL BE SUNNY! Hurray.

So come on out and enjoy the sunshine in style. There will be great prizes on offer as ever, and I would expect we will have a good turn out if, sorry when,  the sun shines. Read the preview here.

Race day is Sunday 21st April, our start is are 11:01 AM, I think sign on opens an hour before and it’s entry on the day only. Day licences accepted! It’s all on here!

See you there!

*most, honest!


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