News Round Up

Since we have a bit of a gap in the series I thought I might as well take the time to share a bit of news and such like on other stuff going on in the region, what’s happening with the series and things you might need to be aware of, like now might be a good time to enter the time trials!

Series News

So the series is now in full flow with 2 events done and more and more women signing up which is good news indeed. A couple of things I want run past you all;

1) I am thinking of changing the rules of the series so that if you did not finish  (DNF) as a result of a crash you can have the number of entries as series points as oppose to the 25 point for a DNF currently set out in the rules. I am guessing nobody will protest too much about that?

2) We need to put a team together to help run the series, in an ideal world it would be great to have a few people to take on one of the following roles each;

Sponsors co-ordinator– Liaising with the sponsors, trying to get more prizes together etc
Results co-ordinator– Getting full list of entrants at each event, and the final placings
Promotions co-ordinator– someone to be in charge of organising a report/event preview – I want to get some other people writing these to get a different perspective, then publishing reports and sending them out to various people.
-Someone to liaise with the folks running the event and let them know what we need from them (something I failed miserably at for the last event!)

Currently the “team” is pretty unofficial, with myself  (Ellie Bremer) generally running things, Julian Bond has done a wonderful job of contacting every club in the region about the series and writing up the rules, Fiona  has been managing the twitter account and helping to publicise the series through that and Ivan has made the smashing posters and sent them out to various places.

So basically the Series has been organised by volunteers and is supported by sponsors, who are all doing it for the love of the sport…or in my case because I accidentally put myself in the position where I really had to organise a women’s series or I would look really silly for going on about it to everyone and not doing it (plus I am getting better racing from it so it is really me being selfish!). It would be great if some of you ladies who are racing joined the team to help where you can. If you are interested give us a shout at – it would be lovely to hear from you!

One thing that might be worth noting is that I am off to Australia in September so to keep the series going we really need to get some more folks behind it!

Time Trial Entries

You need to enter the TTs in advance, and places are limited so I’d recommend doing it sooner rather than later.  For both of the events in June you can enter online on the CTT website- you need to make an account which takes a few mins, but once you have done that you can add multiple events to your “basket” before you pay. So you could knock yourself out and get all the SWWRS event entries in one go!

Check out the follow links;

CTT Events 

 Entering TTs 

Midweek Racing 

Woooo, midweek racing has started! I think this means summer is here!?

So, as far as I am aware there is racing at Westpoint, Ilton, Dunkeswell and in Cornwall for the Cornish series! Pretty spoilt for choice really!

There are some women’s races at Westpoint due in August courtesy of EWCC, or you can join in the the guys if you fancy it; on this note, not sure if you know this but as a woman, whatever Cat. you are, you can enter any “men’s” race, ie if you are elite you can come a kick the 4th Cat. chaps backsides round Westpoint if you so wish! Next race is 11th June, details and entry here. And there is a first ladies prize on offer too for this one!

The Ilton Tor 2000 evening series kicked off this week, and with a regular ladies race every two weeks this is fabulous! And it is made all the more interesting with Primes and series points- which I haven’t fully got my head round but hopefully someone will volunteer to explain.  I think you get series point for placing in the primes as well as the finish? Anyway, next race is May 16th, click here for more details and entry.

Dunkeswell is playing host to the East Devon Circuit Series of races starting from the 14th May. I think they are mixing up start categories each week so watch out for what is coming up…I don’t really fancy the 2/3/4 event detailed here though…

Last but by no means least, the Cornish Series has a bunch of midweek races being run at Perranporth starting with the 29th May, see details here. There is a women’s race at all of these too I think, whey hey!

Westpoint Coaching 

There is a plan in the pipework to do some women’s training at the Westpoint circuit. I will put news of this up as it comes through, but Andy Parker is the man to talk to about it. Check out the Facebook Group for more details and to register your interest, but in summary; training for women and girls for all levels from novice to racing supremes!

So there you go!

Next SWWRS event is the Div Champs on 19th May, see you there hopefully. We’ll try and get a preview up soon!


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