Sorry it’s late! Here is the Race 5 report.

First of all apologies everyone for being so shoddy and not updating the page for AGES!!

Also sorry we are missing Race 4 report too, I might just have to make something up as I was in Italy…I will think of something.

So, here we go; Race 5 was the first time trial of the series and it was an nice gentle 10 mile job on single carriage way roads to break those of us who don’t do TTs into it. In fact it wasn’t even 10 miles due to some rather pesky road works on the only flat bit of the course! But hey ho, it meant that I broke my 10 mile TT PB so I was happy.

The event was run in conjunction with the regional GHS (juniors and youths) Champs. The course, as I said was single carriage way the whole way and fairly quiet! In fact I don’t recall being overtaken once…except by Mathilde.  It was a gentle rise all the way up to the turning point, with some short steeper sections at times thrown in for the crack- it was 157m of climbing apparently, strava said so.  You then turned at the top and smashed it as hard as you could back down the hill- which didn’t feel as much of a hill on the way down. Why is that?

So, I know the weather has been a big feature in these reports, and I would hate to disappoint- it was persisting it down (with rain that is) all morning!  Luckily we were not schedule to start till 14:00, but still it really didn’t look like it was going to stop when we packed up the car. All morning there had been talk of aero mudguards, how to make your rain jacket less flappy and the pro’s and con’s of baby oil. But when we got there, lo and behold, the sky had nearly cleared, the roads were drying and the rain had stopped! Someone must have  left an offering of energy gels (or similar high sugar content goodness that the sun might like if it were a cyclist?!)  to the weather Gods because that is not what the MetOffice said would happen! (Hurrah to you whoever you were!)

So there we were, all warmed up and excited to try our first TT of the series in the gentle sunshine and warm breeze.  The organisers had arranged to set us off in SWWRS placing order, which made it all the more interesting- although I was a bit gutted Mathilde was only 1 min behind me! Ayse was first off, followed by Sorrelle, myself, Mathilde and finally Alex who went into the event as series leader.  There had been more women entered, but for some reason or other (the weather I think) they had opted not to ride…fair enough.

Me, wishing it was over already coming back to the finish- thanks for the pics Ivan Jordan!

Ayse and Mathilde went into the event as equal favourites for the win, and it wasn’t long before Mathilde overtook me up the hill…8 mins something long actually. With the slightly winding course there were few places when you could see your minute woman, so it was very much just you, your bike and that darned hill! But then the turn came, and it was a case of put it in the biggest gear possible and peddle! And before long you were back at the finish!

Mathilde Pauls; I hope this pic is post finish or that just isn’t fair- you don’t even look like you are trying!? 

The organisers put on a tasty selection of cakes and tea at HQ and we waited eagerly for the results.

As it happened Mathilde Pauls (Exeter Wheelers) scooped the win with 22 mins flat, while Ayse Vahiboglu (Exeter Wheelers) had to settle for 2nd just 38 seconds back. Debbie Hancock (Plymouth Corinthians) completed the podium in 3rd with 24: 27.

Well done all who braved the weather! It paid off! And special mention to Alex Sheenan (One and All) who came 3rd in the Girl’s GHS competition- killing 2 birds with one stone! Good work!

1 Mathilde Pauls Exeter Whs CC 00:22:00
2 Ayse Vahiboglu Exeter Whs CC 00:22:38
3 Debbie Hancock Plymouth Corinthian CC 00:24:27
4 Jackie Rice Okehampton C C 00:24:48
5 Elena Bremer Exeter Whs CC 00:25:05
6 Alex Sheehan One and All Cycling 00:25:37
7 Rebecca Kelly Mid Devon CC 00:25:44
8 Sorrelle Johnston Rutrainingtoday CC 00:25:47

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