Some series news, dates for the diary and general waffle.

Afternoon folks,

Some series news, other women’s races in the region and finally some a chap’s race I have entered and want some company for, as you do! Exciting stuff!

A bit of series news;

So, the next SWWRS event is Okehampton RR (click here) . I can’t make this one so if someone could take prizes, flyers and write a report that would be smashing! It looks like it’ll be a corker- pretty gutted to miss it!

Also one to note, the Barnstaple Crit date is likely to change from the 13th to the 6th September. This is good because I don’t want to race on Friday the 13th! The event isn’t on BC yet, but the organiser assures me it is going ahead.

The EWCC committee have a meeting tonight, we’ll be deciding whether or not to proceed with this replacement road race at the end of the season. There will be more info on this as and when it comes through but it is all looking very promising so let’s keep the fingers crossed. Probably going to be the 14th September but we need to confirm some stuff.

If Exeter Wheelers do run the last race I propose as SWWRS social on the Saturday night in Exeter, maybe we can all go out for dinner, celebrate the end of the season and generally let our hair down a bit…although I might need a nap before we do go out! Who would be up for this? And would we want to do the final prize giving here or just after the race? Feedback please?!

Other Women’s Races Coming Up;

These ones aren’t in the SWWRS but I figured may as well spread the word to help get entry numbers up if possible, so here you go!

So we have the last Ilton Thursday night series race this week in the 11th, it’ll be right lovely if this weather holds!  (Click here).

There is a final Cornish Series race on the 24th July (click here), I am not sure how this series is going, can anybody fill us in?

Then there are the Exeter Wheelers Westpoint Circuit races, it’t the only club to run women’s races on this circuit so it would be great to get some support for these. I love the Westpoint circuit- apart from being a bit short so you get dizzy, it has everything you could want from a race course! A hill, a flat bit, four very nice corners and even a mini roundabout! Cracking! It’s nice to have a bit of variety from Ilton- don’t get me wrong, I like Ilton but you know. Click here to enter the first one, the second is the following Tuesday, but is yet to go up on BC.

Then there are 2 more Iltons to round the season off, on the 17th August (it is a SWWRS race this one!)  and the 22nd Sept… Then that is your lot according to the BC calendar so get your racing in while you can 🙂

Who wants to beat some blokes?

So I am sure you all know about my mini campaign to keep the women’s race at Bournemouth on the 20th July, well- bad news; it didn’t work. Good news though; the organiser is running a 3/4 race which all women (whatever category) can enter! Hurrah! This one will be slightly less impossible than the E/1/2/3 that is also running, and if we get enough women entered we can just do our own race off the back. It’s only £10 and the circuit sounds amazing, so why not eh?! (Click here)


The Bike Shed are still offering series competitors half price bike fits, nobody has taken them up on this yet- but if you want to let me know or give them a bell.

Still need some more prizes really, can anybody help with this? Send a few emails etc.

Right that is your lot for now, if I am missing anything give me a shout and I will sort it out.

See you all soon!


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