RACE REPORT 8 – Heavy Rain and Cross Winds lead to Change of Course;

Despite the weather and, in Mathilde’s case, what sounds like a good night, 6 female riders turned up for this race although only Mathilde and myself from the Series.

Photo: Definitely oh crickey why...

Here is a picture that Mathilde took which captures our drive down to Cornwall (albeit mine was a little more convoluted involving getting lost and arriving at the HQ rather late and flustered)! Unsurprisingly, the organisers took the view that it would not be safe to hold the race on the advertised course which would’ve, on a good day, been super speedy course. Therefore organisers shifted the race onto the old A30 avoiding the low visibility and foul conditions on the duel carriageway, a choice I am sure the riders appreciated!

Still having driven all the way down to Cornwall at the crack of dawn getting to race was better than going back without experiencing the refreshing (chilling would be more accurate) rain and wind.

Due to the large field and the luck of the draw I raced almost half an hour before Mathilde, leading to an agonising wait back at HQ before discovering the final result: victory for Mathilde by eight seconds. Fortunately there was plenty of hot tea to keep me occupied!

In line with the sport’s tradition lots of tea and food was consumed whilst chatting away and awaiting the prize-giving, although unusually Mathilde struggled with the cakes, suggesting that perhaps the night out had taken it’s toll after all!

The Results:

  1. Mathilde Pauls, Exeter Wheelers, 25.01
  2. Ayse Vahiboglu, Exeter Wheeleers, 25.09
  3. Rebecca Timothy, North Devon Wheelers, 26.39
  4. Kim Homewood, Penzance Wheelers, 27.52
  5. Josephine Gilbert, One & All Cycling, 28.37
  6. Penny Colloff, One & All Cycling, 28.45

Thanks once again to the series sponsors the Bike Shed and Greens of Devon, and race supporter Pave Velo for the very generous prizes and to the organisers and marshals for a great event in such tough conditions.


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