2014 Series Calendar

The 2014 calendar of events is now available, again there will be 4 time trials, 4 road races and 4 crits. Although thanks to our fantastic organisers we’ve been able to pick from a larger calendar this year.

  1. 23rd March – Modbury Spring Road Race CSSH – Enter
  2. 30th March – Four Firs 17 Mile Sporting TT (Exeter Wheelers) – Enter
  3. 13th April – SRC Ilton Crit CANCELLED
  4. 27th April – Camel Valley C & TC 10 mile TT
  5. 10th May – Perranporth Cornish Crit – Enter
  6. 15th June – Chard Wheelers Road Race  *UPDATE* 25th May – Taw Velo Road Race
  7. 18th June- Tavistock Wheelers (Midweek) 10 mile TT – Enter
  8. 27th July – Plymouth Corinthian CC 25 Mile TT – Enter
  9. 3rd Aug – Brentor Road Race
  10. 24th Aug – Sidmouth Crit
  11. 7th Sept- Barnstaple Crit
  12. 14th Sept – Exeter Wheelers Rockbeare Road Race

Once again the 7 best performances will count to the overall, with the lowest aggregate score winning. Points are awarded 1 for the win, 2 for second, 3 for third, etc for all finishers. DNF will be 25 points and not starting will incur 50 points.


3 thoughts on “2014 Series Calendar

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