What’s the Points and stuff

Evening all,

A few things I want to address in this post;

1) The 1st Chard Wheelers have had to abandon their plans to run a women’s road race due to a lack of course (booo…), luckily for us we are able to replace it with the Taw Velo Road Race on the 25th May- so if you have already put the dates in the diary please note this change!

2) I have finally updated the Results tab to give the overall results for last years series. Really sorry it has taken so long, various excuses are available on request. Thanks everyone who supported the series last year, hopefully we’ll see you all in 2014 for a bigger and better 2014 SWWRS.

3) I have been asked to explain the points system and the reasoning behind it so I have written the below, please give it a read;

SW Women’s Race Series- The Points Explained

I have written the following to explain the series scoring system and some of the reasons behind why we do it like we do.  If you have any questions once you have read this please do send me a message, either on the email or on the facebook page; it’s really important to me that everyone understands the scoring and how it works.

First of all a quick summary of the points system, we run a lowest points wins model, so riders get;

  • 1 point for 1st
  • 2 points for 2nd
  • 3 points for 3rd,  and so on.
  • A “did not finish” (DNF) is 25 points or number of riders plus 1, whichever is greatest,
  • A “did not start” (DNS) is 50 points.

There are 12 events in the series;

  •  4 road races,
  • 4 circuit (crit) races,
  • 4 time trials.

By riding any of the series events your name will be added to the results.  Your overall placing is calculated by taking your 7 best results; so if you are like Mathilde and win 7 races and come 3rd in an 8th event,  you will have 7 points and win the series and discard your 3 points from the 3rd (It’s alright for some!). However if you only ride 6 events but win them all you will have to count a DNS which is 50 points, so you will have 56 points and will doubtless do much worst in the overall standings!

So basically the points system has been designed to encourage participation, the more events in the series you race and finish, the better you will do.

I’ll try and explain some of the reasons behind the decisions below;

Why 7 events to qualify?

We have set the number of races to qualify at 7 for a couple of reasons; firstly with 12 events and 7 to qualify it means the every competitor should meet all the other competitors at least once in a race. Also it means that none of the disciplines dominates,  and as each discipline requires different skills then it should be the best all round rider who comes out on top in the end.

Why 50 points for a DNS?

We want to encourage women to enter these races so that we can get a good core calendar of well attended races in the region for women. This will improve the racing experience for everybody, encourage organisers to run more women’s event and generally women’s racing in the SW will be all the better for it. By giving 50 points for a DNF it is pretty obvious that you will be much better off even if you just turn up and start the event!

Why 25 points for a DNF?

I know from experience that starting racing as a woman can be daunting due to the vast range of experience and ability in the women’s fields. Due to low numbers of women racing it is impractical to split the feild so all the women race together and you’ll often have Elite riders in a field with complete novices.  By penalising retirement we give motivation to complete the race- and hopefully there will be a group to race in so you can still have a bit of a tussle for points.

Finally, low points wins is much easier for us to work with…well I think so anyway, so that’s why and how we do it.  The points system is completely designed to encourage participation and race completion.  If you still have any questions send us a message and I will put the answers up here. Hopefully there is nothing obvious that I am missing off!

Email SWWomensRaceSeries@gmail.com  if you have any queries or comments.


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