Kalas SWWRS Round 1: Modbury Road Race

So there we are, first road race of the Kalas South West Women’s Race Series completed. It will take more than a glass of red and a rest day for me to get over it…
1st Lap - Top of climb into Modbury (Several already dropped)

19 of us set off happily up the hill, some happier than others;  the first stretch, which was mostly uphill, caused a few casualties. The remaining 12 carried on along the mostly downhill but by no means easy second half of the lap. Over the bridge, up the little knapp and then on to “The Hill”. Too long to just barge your way over, too short to “weed out” the real non-climbers. This is where those who could put the hammer down did, for a little while fragmenting the race, but eventually reforming into two groups of six. Unfortunately from where I was standing (in the “B”-group) it was difficult to know  whether we would be able to catch the “A”-group and after two laps of three of us taking turns and chasing it became clear that we were not going too. The resulting slight easing of the pace couldn’t have been more welcome, otherwise it would have been “keel over and throw up into the hedge” for me… At last “The Hill” appeared a final time and my fellow riders abandoned me in a furious sprint from the top of it, with Rose Osborne of High Wycombe CC taking 7th, first from our group.

Apologies if this is a rather “personal” account of today’s events, up in front I was told that Anneliese Heard (Starley Primal Pro Cycling) took first with a convincing gap, with Natalie Grinczer (Fusion Racing Team) second and Jennifer Hudson (VC St Raphael)  winning the sprint for third place, form the front group of 6, which had stayed together until the final lap when the dash for the finishing line caused  the group to split into ones and twos.

Thanks to the organisers CSSH for putting on a fab race on a gruelling circuit and to our sponsors Kalas Sportswear for the event prizes. Well done Anneliese, for the rest of us – back to the drawing board for the next race on Sunday- the EWCC Sporting Time Trial.

Full Results

1. Anneliese Heard (Starley Primal Pro Cycling)

2. Natalie Grinczer (Fusion Racing Team)

3. Jennifer Hudson (VC St Raphael)

4. Gilian Taylor (Fusion Racing Team)

5. Mary McFadzean (Revo Racing)

6. Josephine Gilbert (One and All)

7. Rose Osborne (High Wycombe CC)

8. Nicola Noble

9. Alex Sheehan ( Merlin Cycles)

10. Kate Baker (High Wycombe CC)

11. Alison Hooper (Mid Devon CC)

12. Wiebke Rietz (1st Chard Wheelers)

13. Kerry Paul (Lanhydrock Wheelers)

14. Heather Booth (RUTrainingToday CC)

15. Sarah Godwin (Team Tor 2000)

16. Sorrelle Johnson (RUTrainingTodayCC)

17. Kim Anscombe (Bristol RC)

Finish Line - Anneliese Heard wins sprint easily.
Anneliese Heard takes the win.


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