2015 Prize breakdown

The 2015 Series

Prizes will be award under the following categories; Best Overall, Best Junior and Best Vet*. The winner of each category will be judged using the points system stipulated and the prizes will be awarded at the final event of the season which is now the 1st Chard Wheelers’ Ilton Circuit Race.

The points system has changed from last year, please see the relevant website page for further details of this. We will endeavour to get the league table updated as soon as possible after each event, but will wait for the official results to be published from the race organisers.

*Best Junior and Best Veteran will be awarded to the rider with the highest number of points who falls into their particular age category on the 1st January 2015.

Regional 4th Cat Riders Competition

New for the 2015 season we will be running a mini competition specifically aimed at the Cat 4 riders amongst us. The winner will be the rider who has collected the most points over the four circuit races throughout the race series. The winner will be awarded at the Series finale at Ilton on the 19th September. Anyone who starts the season with a Cat 4 Licence is eligible for the prize.


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