Latest news – 14th July 2015

There have now been 6 races completed. Emma Cockcroft takes the overall lead and that of the riders who started the season as 4th cats. Heidi Viles lies in a close second and leads the 30+ category. Sarah Godwin is the highest ranking 40-49 rider and Emily Attfield our highest ranking junior.
Unfortunately we have lost one TT and one road race and the final race of the series at Ilton is under threat. I have spoken to the race organisers and he has told me that negociations are still under way and I’ll let you know more when I know.
If we do lose Ilton we may just go ahead with a series of 9 races (as we will have lost one of each type) and take the best 6 foward for the final rankings.
Anyone want any more info or have any suggestions, ideas, opinions (OK maybe not too many opinions!) then e-mail me on (not our previous series organiser Becky, although she will forward stuff on to me). Thats all for now. Nik.


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