Somerset RC Westpoint Race Report

For the next race in the SW series, the sun was shining and the wind was definitely blowing!

A last minute course change meant that we raced around the square circuit, rather than the alternative route across the middle. This gave us less corners to navigate, but more cross wind to battle with!

Straight from the off, Heidi Viles (SRC) and Alex Sheehan (Bikeshed-Bianchi) looked strong and kept the pace up. The group stayed together for the first few laps, with the riders trying to position themselves to get some shelter from the decent cross wind. The three Elite Velo girls were working together to try to spit the group with Hetty Summerhayes making bursts off the front but as there were a number of strong riders in the group, these attacks didn’t really come to anything.

As the race progressed, a few riders were dropped and the group got a little strung out as the stronger girls moved away. Heidi, Alex and Georgina Panchaud ( kept the race active with Hester Stembridge and Alice Staniford (Elite Velo) never far away.

As a newbie, I just wanted to stay sat in and watch the race unfold. Luckily, I was able to stick with the main group and when any attacks came I had enough “oomph” to react. With (I think) two laps to go, Heidi showed her strength and began to pull away and stayed away for a convincing win. Hester Stembridge took second and Alice Staniford chased me down for third. I was fourth and Nicki Carr (VC Equipe-Flix) was fifth after a strong ride back to the group in the middle of the race.

I’m not sure when it happened but there was an incident in the race and Jess Duffy (Bikeshed-Bianchi) had to take evasive action and came down heavily on the bottom corner. Thankfully she was able to walk away but with some painful looking road rash, a ripped skin suit, a poorly bike and what looked like a bad application of blusher! Fix quick Jess.

Somerset RC put on a great day of racing and the fact that they provided the sunshine, meant that my pasty white legs saw the sun for the first time this year… Just call me Casper!

Race report by Lucy Driver from Somerset RC

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Provisional Race Results:

1) Heidi Viles – Somerset RC

2) Hester Stembridge – Elite Velo

3) Alice Staniford – Elite Velo

4) Lucy Driver – Somerset RC

5) Nikki Carr – VC Equipe-Flix

6) Georgie Panchaud –

7) Lizzy Campbell – Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers

8) Alex Sheehan – Bikeshed-Bianchi

9) Zoe Betteridge – North Devon Wheelers-Southfork

10) Hetty Summerhayes – Elite Velo

Many thanks to Lucy for the race report and Nara Ishikawa of Lanhydrock Wheelers for the photographs. It’s brilliant to see so many new faces getting involved!

Sadly, the Women’s GP on the 8th May has had to be rescheduled due to proposed roadworks on the course so the next race in the SW Women’s Race Series will be the Colin Lewis Grand Prix on the 15th May. Enter online here: Colin Lewis Grand Prix Entry



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