The SW Women’s Race Series has been organised by a small group of volunteers who want to improve the women’s racing in the south west; giving a focus to the season and encouraging women to attend the same events. The series will give experienced racers the opportunity to race in a larger field, as well as easing the transition from club rider to racer for more inexperienced riders by offering an approachable environment to start racing in.

About the Series: The series is designed to be as inclusive as possible with a mix of disciplines and courses so there will be something to suit everyone. We initially plan a series of 12 events, we are not event organisers, we are just using pre-existing events. Sometimes as the season goes on races may be lost for reasons way beyond our control. We will aim to replace these with other event but sometimes this is just not possible so we apologise for this.

There will be;

  • four time trials,
  • four road races,
  • four circuit/criterium races.

Riders will have to complete 7 or more events to qualify for the series, with their 7 best results counting to overall ranking. The more events you compete in the more chance you have of doing well!

How it works: Points will be awarded throughout the field. Riders will get 10 point for a first, 9 for a second and so on through the field, with all riders from 10th place and below being awarded 1 point. Prizes will be on offer for 1st, 2nd and 3rd at all of the series events, courtesy of our very generous sponsors.  Overall we will be offering prizes for at least the top 3, first Veteran, first Junior, and best 4th cat rider’s performance in the circuit races.

How to enter: No need to pre-enter, all riders entering the series races will automatically be entered.

If you have any queries  post a comment on the facebook group at SW Women’s Race Series.


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