1.           The South West Women’s Race Series (SWWRS) is an inclusive series of races forming a competition which welcomes riders in all British Cycling road racing categories whether they are in a club or a private member. Riders from outside the South West are welcome. Riders can join the series at any time during the season and points accrued in previous series events will be taken into account.

2.           All women entering the races that make up the series will be entered into the series. No need to enter.

3.           The South West Women’s Race Series is made up of twelve events: four time trials, four road races and four criterium or circuit races. We are not event organisers, the series uses pre-existing events to make up the series. Riders must take responsibility for entering series events in good time to ensure a place in each race they wish to ride.

4.           Every rider must race for her first claim cycling club as denoted on her British Cycling license. A rider may race for her second claim cycling club if her first claim club is not affiliated to British Cycling for road racing activities.  In the case of time trials, please see rule 9 below.

5.           The SWWRS is primarily a competition with rankings based on the performance of individual riders. Prizes will be awarded for the overall Series to at least to the riders in first, second and third. Prizes will also be awarded to the first place Vet and Junior rider. The overall prize giving is currently scheduled for the final event in the Series.

6.           If a rider changes club during the road racing season her points to date will stay with her previous club.  Any new points she gains afterwards will go to her new club.

7.           Races designated in this series take place under the rules of their respective governing bodies – British Cycling or Cycling Time Trials.Riders need to have the appropriate licence or membership for each type of event:

a.           A British Cycling Racing Licence (or day licence) for the road/circuit races.

b.           Club affiliation to Cycling Time Trials for the open time trials should the SWWRS include any of those events. Note that affiliation to CTT is not required for “Come and Try” events.  Therefore, in the case where riders belong to a different club for time trialling and for road racing, they will be awarded points as follows.  Individual points are as per rule 12 below.  In the club competition for “Come and Try” TTs, their points will be credited to their SWWRS-declared British Cycling club.  In the club competition for open TTs, their points will be credited to whichever club they are racing for on the day (either CTT or BC). For the club to receive those points it will need to be affiliated to SWWRS. Alternatively, the rider can take out individual membership to SWWRS.

8.         Riders are awarded points according to their absolute finishing position in the race. Points are awarded to all riders, right down to the last finisher. This includes those who are racing on a day licence.

9.         In each race, riders are awarded SWWRS points in the order shown below.

Position Points
1st 10
2nd 9
3rd 8
4th 7
5th 6
6th 5
7th 4
8th 3
9th 2
All other finishers 1

10.         The results of the best 7 races out of 12 will count towards the final ranking of a rider in the SWWRS. Only riders who have completed 7 races will qualify for prizes at the end of the season. Other prizes will not be dependent on number of races ridden. If any races are cancelled, then the number of races to be ridden to qualify for prizes may be reduced accordingly.

11.         Where there is a tie break, a count back will be done and the rider with the higher finishing positions through the series judged as the winner.

12.         While every effort is made to stick to the calendar and schedules, we may need to change the order of the SWWRS races due to cancellation of events or other reasons. We therefore reserve the right to alter the race schedule at any time during the season. SWWRS members will be notified immediately of any changes to the calendar, and we will aim to give as much notice as possible.

13.         At the end of each race, a series leader will be designated on the basis of the number of SWWRS points she has accumulated so far in the series.

14.         The SWWRS is run by a small number of volunteers. We count on support and help from affiliated teams and riders to make the league a success. Please get involved and help out where you can!


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